Election Day Is The Beginning

Democrats can’t take a break if Joe Biden wins.

Democrats, I know we are all done with Trump. I know we are exhausted explaining what new insane thing his administration is doing every day, and I know we are sick of the cruelty. We are tired of weeks feeling like months, and four years feeling like forty. I would equate our politics to driving on a road in the middle of dense fog with just enough light to only be able to see five feet ahead of you. You’ve been driving for a while with no sense of where you’re headed but the exact distance you’ve traveled is fuzzy. The last rest stop feels like it was four hundred miles ago.

Joe Biden is the antidote to all of that. He’s the only man uniquely able to clear the Trump fog. If we elect him to office, he can do that for us. That future is within our grasp and as Trump’s chances look less and less likely, that future seems increasingly likely to happen. If it does, we can’t make the same mistake we did in 2008. We can’t take a break. We can’t rest. I know it may seem like an ending, an end of an era, but in reality, a Trump loss is only the beginning.

The forces that buoyed Trump won’t die away. Republicans will intentionally stall passing any more recovery to push that burden on to Biden in the new year. Almost magically, they will suddenly rediscover their concern for the national debt. Additionally, we will have a stacked judiciary to deal with, and if we don’t manage to take the Senate, any chance of undoing the damage Trump has done will fade in the distance.

So it is more important than ever to elect Joe Biden as America’s next president, but it is also paramount that we give him the tools to wield the presidency to achieve important progressive goals.

  • We can’t go another presidency without reforming our voting and election systems on a national level. That means automatic voter registration, Election Day as a holiday, adding D.C. into the union, and allowing Puerto Rico the opportunity to join the union or leave.
  • We can’t go four more years without seriously addressing Climate Change. We are running out of time and Joe Biden will have to move mountains literally in order to meet the magnitude of this problem.
  • We must roll back every cruel policy that Trump has enacted concerning immigration, and we must also go further. DACA recipients deserve a path to citizenship as do the millions of undocumented immigrants in this country.
  • We must expand the judiciary at every level, from the Supreme Court all the way down to the lowliest district court. Every level needs an infusion of judges. The massive number of cases that get filed every year dwarfs the capability of our judicial system. We have too few judges in this country, and the result is an unconstitutional kaleidoscope of plea deals. An added side-effect to all of this is a needed rebalancing of the judiciary that would neutralize the worst impulses of Trump’s over two hundred judges he’s nominated to various courts during his term.

And for the icing on this cake, Joe Biden will likely inherit a deflated economy and a raging pandemic. Both are two issues he will have to address immediately and comprehensively, expending a lot of political will in the process. To say Biden’s agenda is packed would be seriously underestimating how much work this will take to pass.

The good news is that all of this and more is possible if we elect Joe Biden, retake the Senate, hold the House, and hold people accountable after the election. We cannot get complacent like we did in 2008. Don’t get me wrong. Barack Obama was an amazing president, but Democrats largely did nothing to ensure their political power in the intervening years, which led to devastating midterm elections.

Let’s not let that happen.

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