I disagree. I think impeachment is an important step that should be utilized for a variety of reasons. I think more oversight and investigations must occur first, but after that most likely the House will have no other choice but to impeach even if we all know it’ll die in the Senate.

This is about the Democratic Party, irrespective of the Republican Party of Trump’s base. This is about precedent that even if he does get away with shit, the Democrats can say they did everything within their power to reign him in, protect the Constitution, and protect the country. It’s about showing future presidents that sketchy criminal behavior won’t be tolerated, and it’s about adding some teeth back into Congress’ threats.

It’s a compelling narrative and who cares about Trump’s base? Democrats aren’t and shouldn’t be vying for those voters anyway. Screw them, and every Democrat should realize that they will be demonized no matter what they do. When it comes to Fox and the conservative machine, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. With impeachment, they’ll show some spine, moral character, undoubtedly energize the Democratic base and maybe even sway some independents.

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