I think age shouldn’t be completely off limits. There are important concerns about some members of the Supreme Court being far too old to do their jobs effectively. Why shouldn’t that be extended to the presidency and other candidates? Asking the question isn’t inherently bad. Making it the deciding factor is what’s bad.

And I supported Hillary over Bernie in 2016. I thought she was far more electable in him when you consider experience, policy, name recognition, and policy. I’d do it again today if we took a time machine to 2016.

I’m not denying that Bernie hasn’t done great work in the past few years at bringing progressive policies into the mainstream and marshaling widespread support, but it pales in comparison when you consider Hillary’s career

She was one of if not the most qualified candidate to ever run for president in recent memory, so painting her supporters as simply voting for just because she’s a woman is at best problematic and at worst sexist. You do the same for Nancy Pelosi. Both women have decades long political careers of incrementally pulling America to the Left. Nobody knew Bernie’s name two years ago, because though his policies are good, his effectiveness in getting them passed in Congress is little to none.

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