I’m Looking For Resources On Foreign Policy.

Right now, I’m taking a broad view of foreign policy that only really means I want to learn more about what goes on around the world. I’m only now dipping my toe into all this. I feel like I’m starting a three-thousand piece puzzle, and I’ve only gotten about ten in place right now. My recent fascination has been with A.Q. Khan. That man’s story seriously needs to be made into a movie. What he was able to pull off, combined with the many look-the-other-way decisions that multiple U.S. administrations opted for that led A.Q. Khan to thrive for so long are just so indicative of the infinite grey that is foreign policy.

Does anyone have any suggestions for books or documentaries that wowed them along those lines? Maybe about a lesser-known figure or event, good or bad, that had a significant, even outsized, impact on the state of the world today. Alternatively, I’m always down to learn more about any US fumbles abroad as well. Looking at the past, how could the United States have done better?

Let me know in the comments. I promise to respond to every single suggestion. :)

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