Our President Is A Racist

And everyone’s afraid to say it.

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In a “will they, or won’t they?” saga that would give Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump’s bromance a run for its money, whether or not the media has the balls to call Trump a racists has remained an open question. The media continues to bend over backwards in spite of Donald Trump’s latest particularity racist episode in which he implored congresswomen of color to go back to the countries they came from and accused them of being incapable of loving America, predictably explaining his words away as being “racially-tinged” or utilizing a “racist trope”. They make his tweets and quotes out as tools that he utilizes in his political toolbox and not hate-filled invective that just spews out of him instinctually.

It’s frustrating. Most of these journalists and pundits are either acting in bad faith or stewards of the church of “both sides”, so their motives and reasons are painfully clear. If I could be a fly in all these news offices, I’d imagine a series of clocks setup in all the news rooms similar to the ones that count how many days it’s been since an on-the-job accident. There would be several adorning each wall and in this case, each newsroom would lose neutrality points if one of them ticked too high.

One might say “Days since we ran a generic, reaching Democrats in disarray story”. Another would read “Days since we ran a story about how Trump’s latest fuck up is actually good for his presidency.” And finally, “Days since we pandered to a Trump voter and pretended they represent the average American.” I could go on but you get the point. More than Donald Trump winning, I fear the media hasn’t learned its lesson from 2016.

It’s as if these media outlets want to help though. They put out their hard hitting pieces and pit their journalists and anchors into almost scripted confrontations with Trump officials and surrogates. They puff out their chest, yet there’s a crucial authentic piece missing. It’s going through the motions. It’s doing what they’ve always done. Trump says something controversial. The media jumps like lapdogs at it under the guise of it being the president and the stories and issues that really matter fall under the crushing weight of a thousand racist tweets.

It’s integrity that’s missing, and I don’t say that lightly. I recognize that media outlets are acting in the same vein they always have for decades, but when will they recognize that these aren’t normal times. When will government bureaucrats realize that these aren’t normal times. We saw the first “I was just following orders” bit when the video of that Justice Department lawyer surfaced arguing against offering kids at the border toothbrushes. Her excuse boiled down to the following: I may not agree personally, but I was just doing my job. Where have we heard that before?

These aren’t normal times. I’ll say it again, we aren’t in a normal timeline. This is different and has the potential to get a lot worse. Yet, no one seems to recognize this. Instead, we’re subjected to this upside down, clown car, whirly ride of Trump’s bullshit and conspiracy theories being presented as on the level. I use to hope that anyone with even a speck of intuition can see that not to be the case, but now I’m not so sure.

My unfortunate broad-brush conclusion has to be that either the media pundits are woefully ignorant or in on the absurdity and don’t care. My gut is that it’s a bit of both, and if I could distill the lesson of the last few years into one packaged slick zinger, it would be this: I recognize that I can never say that objectively, but don’t just take my word for it. Take America’s.

We’ve been preaching the values of democracy for decades now, often at great cost to those who don’t exactly subscribe to our same beliefs. Our country was built on this idea that our way of doing things, our system of beliefs and values is objectively better. We came face to face with this in World War II against the nazis. While on the surface it was a massive war, the core was a battle of ideas that continues to this day.

So to sum up, there are objectively better belief systems than others, no obligation exists to give every yahoo a microphone (looking at you CNN), and Trump racism isn’t front page news. It’s old news to anyone who’s been paying attention.

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